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How to meet women on Match.com

Most guys sit around just having fantasies about really hot women because they believe they aren’t good enough.  And the truth is they are right.

The only way to actually get and keep a beautiful woman is to in fact be good enough.

So, the obvious question is; how?

It’s actually quite simple. I interviewed some of the most beautiful and successful women in the world. They were world class doctors, lawyers, actresses and models. Then I took it a step further and with the help of a noted psychologist sat down and analyzed hundreds of online dating profiles. Just to make sure we covered all the bases we then interviewed dozens of “average” women that we met in our day to day lives. Here’s what we learned: Virtually, ALL women wanted the same three things in a man…


Here they are:

1. The Self:

Take care of your body

Be fairly well dressed

Have a positive mental attitude.


2. The Mission:

Have your finances in order, because if you can’t afford to take her on a few dates and pay the rent…you are sunk.

Be an industry leader, even if you are the guy sweeping floors be the guy that all other floor sweepers want to be like.

Have a passion and pursue it on some level (sitting in your underpants watching 24 hours of sports center or playing video games is not a passion it’s a distraction)


3. Relationships:

At minimum, call 1 member of your family regularly.

Have a few friends you are not embarrassed of and that she can be at least acquaintances with.

AND THEN! LASTLY go after “The One” she doesn’t want to be your reason for living a remarkable life! She wants to be part of something remarkable.


So before you go chasing down the one, or the one that got away, ask yourself this:

“What do you have to offer her?” because she is going to ask herself that question about you.

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