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10 things I have learned the hard way...

10 things I have learned the hard way…

I have been homeless. I went to jail with the State penitentiary in my sights. I served in Kuwait and Iraq in a God forsaken war. I have loved and lost. I have been cheated on, abandoned and abused. These were all just Gods way of teaching me to be the man I am today. It is because of these lessons that I am able to teach others. Here are a few things I have learned the hard way and I hope they help keep you from having to learn them the way that I did.

1.       That thing you think is important isn’t.

2.       You only get today make it a good day.

3.       If you love them, tell them.

4.       If you don’t love them, tell them…

5.       Take care of your body it’s the only one you get.

6.       Take care of your soul it’s the only one you get.

7.       Be nice.

8.       Don’t put up with any ones bullshit

9.       Don’t give any one any of your bullshit.

10.   Violence is a terrible, horrible thing…it is necessary, use it sparingly

Hope this helps...please share any of the lessons you have learned the hard way in the comments below.

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