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I've got your six...

I’ve got your six…

It’s a term we use in the Army to tell your buddy you have his back. Being in the Army is the closest I have ever come to really living my boyhood dream. You see I used to sit and dream for hours about being a super spy. Much like James Bond only with a slight Southern drawl instead of the British accent.

I would dream of all the cool stuff I was going to do. My fantasies were fueled by James Bond movies so of course my day dreams usually involved Russian super villains. I knew even then that this dream world didn’t exist but it never kept me from having those dreams. I wanted nothing more than to be an adult so that I could be the hero. I would rescue the girl defeat the onslaught of henchmen then capture and/or kill their evil leader.

But again, life of course doesn’t work this way. Sure there are villains in the world; there are many people who set out to do evil onto others. There’s no shortage of super villains who need to be captured. (There is a shortage, however, of laser wielding Rolexes and Aston Martins with machine guns so if you know where I can find either of these please email me). So what options are we left with? What do we do about corrupt politicians? How do we deal with education systems that set us up for failure or the Big 3 automotive bailouts, Enron scandals, oil spills and the Bernie Madoffs of the world?

It’s simple really. We take over the world! (I said simple not easy…)We seem to all still be waiting around for someone to something, someday. Well someone is us. Something is take charge and take responsibility and someday is now. We are the “now”. We are the ones tasked with running the world. In the wake of the death of Mandela it has been made clear to me that we think ourselves to be average. We think ourselves to be incapable of changing things. We sit back and play video games for hours and watch television until we pass out. We then get up the next day and spend most of it slaving away to give most our money to the Government and the elite few that run this world. Well, while some sit back and say how great Mandela was or how powerful and rich others are I say this: “They are but mere men!” That’s right. There is NO difference between Nelson Mandela and me or you. He was born in the same way. He breathed the same air. He required the same vital nutrients. There is no difference between us and any other man that walks this Earth! If one man can do it another can do it. So stand up and take control. Take charge of yourself. Take charge of your life. Take charge of your family and lead us all into greatness. We are no longer boys daydreaming about what we would do if only given the chance. We are men tasked with creating the history of the world. 

So, go make it a story you would be proud of.

I’ve got your six!

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