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Bar room brawls...

I stood there, heart racing eyes filled with tears. It wasn't because I was crying it was because my nose was broken and bright red, warm blood was pooling at my feet. He hit hard. He wasn't very big at least not in a muscular sense. But he was long and lean. His hands were bone hard and he had a reach at least 2-3 inches more than I did. I just stood there though staring him down almost silently saying him to “move, I dare you”. He had sucker punched me,  I was trying to rein I'm my buddy who had started the whole brawl when out of nowhere this tall blonde fucker catches me in the left cheek and smashed my nose sideways. When I stumbled back I feel into the pool table and, without his knowledge I palmed the 7 ball. Now I was just waiting for him to try and hit me while I planned my move. "He’ll probably throw that right hook” I thought "when he does I'll block and smash his jaw with the ball in my right hand" he swung and I ducked to dodge his blow and struck the outside of his knee hard work the pool ball. When he buckled I stood and threw an elbow to his head. He fell back onto the bar room floor.  Suddenly I noticed that our three man battle had turned into a full scale bar room brawl.  I looked across the room and saw this chick wailing on some poor guy with her bar stool. He could only lay there in the fetal position trying to block the beating she was giving him. Luckily for us I knew one of the bartenders and he ran up to screaming "Joe!  Joe! Get your boys and get out man half of the damn police department is on their way. “I just shot him a quick "thanks brother" grabbed my friends and headed out the back door. We were making our way down the street outside of the bar almost crawling on our hands and knees the entire way, we were using parked cars and garbage cans for cover. We finally made it to Ricks car and waited for what we hoped was the last of at least a dozen cop cars to speed by and then tore out of there like our assess were on fire. The pain from the shot I took was starting to set in now as the adrenaline and alcohol wore off and it hurt, I mean it hurt like hell.  But I wasn’t going to show it, not in front of my friends anyway. I just wiped away the blood and smiled saying something like "he hit like a bitch". When I got home I put an ice pack on my battered face and passed out on my couch. Tomorrow would be a better day… I hoped.

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