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10 Rules to live by

In my life I have been given some great advice. I think, as men, it is or duty to pass that advice on to others. So here are 10 rules every man should know.

Rules every grown man should know:
1.) You are an adult now. Cereal is not an acceptable meal.
2.) Put the seat AND the lid down.
3.) If your watch costs more than your car, you are wrong!
4.) Never wait in line for basketball shoes, concert tickets or anything else for that matter.
5.) If it is your first dinner together make reservations.
6.) Never buy generic ketchup, dish soap or mac and cheese.
7.) If you got so drunk you can't remember anything, go to a meeting.
8.) If you are embarrassed by your actions, so are we.
9.) Never go to bar where they need to stamp your hand.
10.) DO NOT send any picture that reveals any part of your body unclothed!

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