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3 best online dating tips (plus the Worlds #1 Dating site)

3 best online dating tips.

I get asked a ton of questions about the best “pick-up lines” as if there were some magical string of words out there that I could give guy to ensure that he “Gets the Girl”. If this were the case I would be moving next door to Bill Gates and parking my private jet next to Trumps. But the truth is there is no magic formula, sure there may be a series of routines you can find on the internet that will give you something to say at least, but the truth is those things don’t work and they kind of make you a creep. So what is the answer? Well if you have tried it all but your nerves get the better of you or you are just tired of the bar scene and all of the horror that goes along with it, get online. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there and you can search out the perfect woman.

Even with this innovation however it can still seem a bit daunting so I spent months reading profiles and interviewing women who have been online to meet a mate so that I could put together a few tips to help you secure your success.

1.       Keep your shirt on: I mean this one literally! I interviewed 112 women and read over 1000 profiles and this was more than just a common theme, it was what 87% of women complained about. They don’t want to see you half naked, posing in your bathroom mirror. It is an instant turn off for them because “it makes him seem self-centered and a little feminine.” To quote many of the interviewees.

2.       Be original: Don’t just copy and paste emails that you blast out to hundreds of women. Read her profile and have something to say about her and her interests. But before you ever send out that first email, decide on what is important to you, I mean everything from eye color to education to religious values. Sure, you will have significantly less women in your pool to choose from but your chances for success and happiness will go through the roof!

3.       Don’t be a jerk: Some guys get all freaked out about rejection and send nasty follow up emails. This will never work! If she says no or does not respond at all chances are she just isn’t attracted to you. Just like you are not attracted to every woman in the world, she is not attracted to every man in the world. Take it on the chin, grow a pair and move on.

So there you have it. Following just these basic rules can drastically improve your success ratio and make online dating what it should be FUN. So enjoy.

P.S. I get asked a lot about which online dating site is “the best” and if I had to pick just I would suggest Match.com  they have really put in the hours and designed a user friendly website with a ton of great tools like their dating magazine Happen and Stir Events . Check them out!

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