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What's he got that I don't???

I love when guys come to me all broken hearted because of some woman and ask me

"What has he go that I don't?"

He's got his shit together that's what!

You live in your parents’ basement, you have a part time job, you have no money and a busted up piece of shit car. You aren’t EVEN TRYING! You sit around smoking pot and playing video games all day!

Ok. So maybe that was bit graphic but it was to make a point and if some of those hit home then, yes, I was talking to you. Now I’m not saying you have to drive a BMW or live in a high rise in NYC. But seriously at least have a plan to get better. I have yet to meet the woman who wants her man to flail about wildly with no direction. You should be adaptable to various situations but have a plan that is going to at least make progress daily. Oh and make it your plan. Don’t ask people (ESPECIALLY HER) what they think you should do. If you need help brainstorming and call up a friend or two and meet over coffee that is one thing. But at the end of the day it is your life and if your biggest dream is to be a world famous writer or motivational speaker or a rock star, well that is your path and your work. Decide. It’s up to you.

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