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Reverse Planning System

Reverse Planning System:

When we undertake any task we must make a plan. It does not matter if we are taking on a new fitness regimen or if we are trying to create a new circle of friends we must make a plan.

Why plan?

Behavioral expert Bobby Cappuccio once said to me that planning serves to “crystalize” our goals in our minds. That planning makes it real and allows us to have a measuring stick of our success.

What is RPS?

I tell everyone I know to “start with the end in mind”. There are really only 2 things we need to know when we plan. Where we are now and where we want to be at the end. Now it is quite hard for us as humans to honestly assess where we are and who we are. However we can use our goals and dreams to compare and contrast who and what we are. This will give us an idea of where we are. Then all we need to do is fill in the blanks.

How do you use RPS?

Simply sit down and write out 3 goals. Any 3. The most popular ones are fitness, finances and dating. Write down exactly what you want your life to look like in each of those areas 6 months from today. On the next sheet of paper write down exactly where you are in those 3 areas right now.

Then simply write a plan to get there.

Examples of a (simple) plan.


Goal= lose 10 pounds

Current state= I feel “fat”

Plan= Go to the gym 4 days per week. Only eat dessert on Saturday night.

That’s how simple changing your life can be.

Give it a shot.

You’re going to love the results!

Joe, The Habitual Man

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