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I struggled for years. I failed more times than I can count. I was a soldier but that career ended because of an injury I got while fighting in Iraq. I was a musician but couldn't really seem to ever get my "big break". It really wasn't until I became a personal trainer that I got any real success. I climbed my way to the top slowly and steadily. it didn't seem like I would ever "get there" but eventually I was standing on the gym floor in front of a Victorias Secret model and then a pro golfer and a whole host of celebrities and multi millionaires and I was making more money than I ever thought possible. So this gave me an idea "let's take a whole new direction" I thought. You see even though I was making money and living a dream life it wasn't enough. I wanted more. I wanted freedom! I wanted to be the guy in charge of my life, my time, my everything. So I entered the world of information marketing. I had a product that could help millions of men live remarkable lives! I would use all the training the Army and so many successful men taught me and I would teach them to other men. We would be the new elite! The new rich the new leaders of a great nation. I was struggling with getting the word out though, so I sat through webinar after webinar and read book after book on how to get the word out. That was until I decided to jump start my social media page with


Could this be the missing ingredient? Could this be the one thing that will swing my results in the right direction?

Stay tuned and I'll keep you posted...

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