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The reason you are fat!

I deal with this day in and day out.

Someone is trying to change their life and thinks they are going to change EVERYTHING in one day! Well here is the truth. No. You. Are. Not!

Why? Because your habits say other wise. There is no magic diet or magic pill or special "food combining" super secret of the trainers to the stars (I was a trainer to the stars, remember?)

No there is a simple answer to why you are fat.

You eat like SHIT!

You are an adult. EAT LIKE ONE! Put away the Hot Pockets and microwave meals. Learn to make some eggs, grill a steak, roast a chicken. You are not fat because of genetics. You are fat because you eat like a 12 year old.

P.S. It also wouldn't kill you to do some turn off the t.v. stand up and walk around the block a few times...but what do I know; I just wrote the book on the subject.

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