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Be like water...

Be like water…

The problem I have with most “forms” is rigidity. It doesn’t matter if it is martial arts, exercise, art, science, religion or cooking. Forms are meant to be our framework to expand from.

We cannot possibly expect or accept that all that there is to learn has been learned.

The intricacies of the human body cannot have been fully expressed. We cannot accept that we have stopped growing or evolving physically, spiritually or mentally. And if we have not finished growing or evolving, how can we accept that we are done learning how to squat or run or jump.

We cannot just sit back and say there is nothing left to explore. No idea left for “me” to contribute.

Religion says that God is done talking to us. That what is written in the ancient texts is all that the creator of Heaven and Earth ever said and ever will say. Really?!?! If God is done talking to us, if God has said all he has to say, then tell me without a doubt that there is not another “giant squid” left to discover at the depths of the ocean. Tell me there is not another galaxy or life supporting planet left in the cosmos. Tell me that the voice you hear when you are “still” is silent. That it is not saying to you “dream, do , be live, love, explore”.

We must not let this be the end all be all answer to life, love, happiness and discovery. We must continue to grow. We must continue to flow, to crash to move through and around resistance never getting “stuck” in a myopic paradigm of completeness.

We must as, Bruce Lee said…”Be like water, my friend.”

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